Saturday, March 28, 2009

"Donald Duck and the Hidden Gold"

With beautiful artwork by the legendary Al Taliaferro...
(click on images to enlarge)

(to be continued)
All images are TM & © Disney


  1. Oh my God, someone actually looked at this post!!

    I agree Oscar. I thought this was one of the most lovingly produced books I'd ever had the chance to own. It looks like it's from wartime, but it's from 1951.

    And it's chock full of Al Taliaferro art!

    I'll post the rest of it soon.

  2. What a great blog! Thanks for sharing!

  3. What a delightful little publication! Taliaferro quickly got sloppier in the fifties, but this is beautiful work. I sure wonder if he didn't look at Floyd Gottfredson's Mystery at Hidden River when he drew some of those poses for Pete – have to check that later.

    I read another really cute little book yesterday, "Mickey Mouse's Summer Vacation" from 1948, illustrated by Dick Moores of Gasoline Alley fame. I'd gladly throw it in the scanner for you if you like.

  4. Thanks for sharing this gem. Please post the second part when you find the time.

  5. Thanks for the comments Henrieke, Germund & Joakim. And you're right, Germund, Taliaferro's art did take a nose-dive in the '50s. Maybe he wasn't happy with the assignments, or he might have loved the storybook format better.

    And I'd love to post Dick Moore's "Mickey Mouse's Summer Vacation". You can find my email address in my profile page.

    I will post the remaining twenty spreads, Joakim, as soon as I finish up with a few projects.

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  9. Hey, will we ever be getting the remaining spreads of this book? I noticed that it's a long time since you posted this first part... Anyway, thanks for this great piece of rare Taliaferro! :) :)

  10. WONDERFUL !!!