Tuesday, March 17, 2009

NOT Coming Soon...

I decided to hold off on this one, the artwork just didn't jazz me. I like to see a little thick and thin in illustration, so I decided to post Al Taliaferro's masterful story art from "Donald Duck and the Hidden Gold" instead.

Maybe we'll get around to this one at a later date.

Images TM & © Disney


  1. I have a book just like this and illustrated in the same format and style. How ever it's a Mickey book entitled, Mickey Never Fails. The handling of the characters are amazing. There is even a page of Mickey looking down from a roof top and we see the top of his head. Who ever did it, pulled it off!!! I think that was the reason why I purchased the thing.

  2. Maybe the interior art of your edition contained amazing art, Robert. But upon further inspection of this one I chose to pass on posting it for now. I had a problem with the single weight linework and felt it would be a crashing bore to viewers.

    Thanks for visiting.

    BTW- I had dinner in LA a few nights ago with some mutual friends: Sergio Cuan and Russ Spina. I brought up your name and they had nice things to say about you and your work.

  3. I think I started to draw because of the Little Big Books of Al Tagliaferro read in my very early childhood!!...I LOVE HIS WORK!!